The Film

‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ is a film comprising numerous interviews and pictures recalling Nuneaton’s Co-op Hall in its heyday. Michael Dabrowski spent several months filming the recollections of numerous local contributors and piecing the whole thing together into an evocative and sometimes emotional journey through a not-to-be-forgotten piece of local history.


10 thoughts on “The Film

  1. Brilliant film. I can remember going to “THE JUNIOR SESSIONS” on a Friday night with my mates to see the likes of Gullivers Travellers, Carl and the Cheetahs, Max Holliman and the Demons, and the Matadors. On that fateful new years evening I was there with friends, and one good friend Roy’s sister from Weddington was one of the people killed. Once again a good, well made, film.

    • Thanks for your positive comments on the film and for chipping in with your own memories. There are more extended interviews appearing on the ‘Video Extras’ page and the main film will also be re-edited to include more contributions over the next few weeks.

  2. Since you will be re-editing the film to include more contributions, why don’t you have the song ” Come Dancing ” by the Kinks -mentioned in the film-
    as musical background : so appropriate for the Co-op hall : seems to have been written for it . (just have a look at the video on utube)

    • Hi Marcelle

      Your DVD is on its way. I had included Come Dancing right up the final edit because, as you say, it perfectly parallels the story of the Co-op Hall and is a fantastically evocative song in its own right. The reason I ended up replacing it with the gentler guitar piece was that although it tells the tale, it does so in such an upbeat and cheerful sounding way that, as a music bed, it directly contradicted the emotions being conveyed by those talking about the sad demise of the hall. And as an unobtrusive bed, one doesn’t actually get to hear the lyrics anyway. It’s surprising the things which influence what ends up being included in the final cut both visually and audibly. I too thought it was an inspired choice on Funkyparrot’s original YouTube clip and tried contacting him but sadly to no avail. Thanks for your continued interest.

  3. DVD got to France safely … so did the booklet : much appreciated …… Thanks ever so much for such friendliness !!!
    I must say that is what I mostly remember from those days back in the 60s when I would come over to Nuneaton to learn English : sheer friendliness and sincere friendship……
    Seemingly I am not the only one to reminisce about all this ….
    They were “HAPPY” days …… even though they were not ” EASY” days ………
    Most important : such friendliness is still there nowadays in Nuneaton !!! …. Nuneaton : a friendly town, ……. indeed …..Thanks ever so much !….
    I have to say that the group whom I thought was the best at the Co-op Hall in those days , well no, not ” the Hollies ” as some of the ladies who are interviewed say, but ” Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours ” . They were known in 1964 as ” The Liberators ” at the Co-op Hall .
    So many good memories , an unforgetttable atmosphere ………..
    Indeed an era gone, but never forgotten…………..

  4. Tom Walkden was my first saxophone teacher, back in 1958. Good to see him chatting on film. Eventually I played at the Co-op hall, as well as St.Georges Hall, Stermet Hall, Astley Castle, mostly with my pianist colleague Mike Hope, who is now living and playing in Sydney. Then I left Nuneaton to pursue a professional playing career – more details on my website:
    Congratulations on a lovely film, well done, most enjoyable.

    Email contact welcomed:

    • Thanks for your shared memories and kind comments on the film. Tom is a lovely fellow and a great musician who still plays regularly in both Bunny Roberts’ Big Band and a small but perfectly formed saxophone quartet in Coventry. I play alto and tenor a little myself so I may have to get hold of one of your books! Perused your website, interesting stuff and some great poetry; I like “Lost Whorls” and appreciate the sentiment behind “I am a College Principal”. Mick Dabrowski

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