Thank You

Art Alert would like to express their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this project


11 thoughts on “Thank You

    • Unfortunately these souvenir DVDs are not commercially available due to copyright licensing restrictions – however there are still some remaining copies of the first test run. If you email me your address I will post one out to you. Alternatively, the film is viewable on this very site under the menu ‘The Film’.

  1. I fairly enjoyed that film too as so many others did. So good to know I am not the only one reminiscing about those happy days . Thanks ever so much for bringing all those souvenirs back to life to be shared. I would have liked to buy a copy too and saw the reply you made that they won’t be available for sale …. May be I too could have a free copy …..Of course I’ll pay the postage fees to France .

      • Hi ,

        Thanks ever so much, I really do appreciate.

        Here is my address : Marcelle BAIVIER Résidence le Chambord – Entrée D 51/54 Avenue Emile Zola 59000 LILLE FRANCE

        How can I pay for the postage ? Do you have a paypal account ? Thanks ever so much.

        Regards Marcelle BAIVIER

  2. Hi,
    I’m currantly researching my family history and found out that my 1st Cousin 2x removed was one of the people killed in the new years eve tragedy 1965.. your film has given me more insight as to what happened that fateful night. would it be possible for you to send me some copies of the information you have please.

    Thankyou and Kind Regards Samantha Cross

  3. A very interesting insight to the co-op hall. I do remember being at the KEGS speech day as shown on the programme scan and to having to be there early as a second year student to help arrange the chairs! There were so many groups that earned their living through personal shows rather than todays videos

  4. Marion Ryan next to me singing ‘Apples, Peaches and Cherries’, her red-gold hair swinging, her big blue eyes batting and her short-tongued, lisp caressing the men. She certainly raised my education a few notches that night as she fronted a big band.
    But there was yet more to come.
    Tubby Hayes with a (7 piece?) bop band. It moved me from the awesome bliss of the big bands to the terrifying trauma of truth. I segued as a result to following him to become one of the original regular patrons of that blistering tornado of sound and virtuosity that was Ronnie Scott’s Club in Chinatown. (The club recently asked me for my photo!)
    The ‘Co’ had cast the die: my education was complete. Thank you Coop Hall.

  5. Dare I say, on reflection, it may have been Marion Williams with the Delaney band at whose feet I trembled. She was certainly a sweetie-pie whose curves rivalled Delaney’s twin timpani pushing in the direction of the clients. And she did it all in the guise of innocence
    Thank you Arthur Kimbrell(?) for bringing the big bands.
    Thank you Tony Woodford(?) the barber for bringing Tubby Hayes and his mates.
    They say distance lends enchantment to the view; I wonder if these views lend enchantment to distance?

    Well; in the Co were we and its joyful ghost does indeed endure.
    Marion still smiles down at me as I listen to Tubby blasting away at ‘Opus Ocean’.
    She died on the 13th February of this year (2014).

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